Understanding anxiety

  • What is anxiety anyway? Is anxiety like stress or tension or fear?
  • What 4 crucial aspects of your life are derailed by anxiety?
  • How prevalent is anxiety  worry and stress in the US? In the world?
  • How do most people feel about anxiety or stress?
  • What are some  criticalareas of your life are derailed by anxiety or worry?
  • Is being obsessive considered anxiety?
  • Is a panic attack anxiety? Are phobias?
  • What kinds of people are most affected by anxiety? Students, nurses, teachers, soldiers, brides, police?
  • Can certain jobs create anxiety?
  • Can a businessman or entrepreneur have success while living in anxiety?
  • How can anxiety or worry sabotage an amateur or pro athlete?
  • What are common ways people try to relieve their anxiety? Are they effective?
  • What is your REIN method for dissolving anxiety?
  • Why is being free from anxiety so important?
  • What can I gain by being free form stress worry and anxiety?

Myths about anxiety

  • Is anxiety genetic?
  • Is anxiety a mental disease?
  • Does “stinking thinking” cause anxiety? Does better thinking eliminate anxiety and worry?
  • Is anxiety caused by a chemical disorder?
  • Do you need to find the root cause of an anxiety issue to dissolve it?
  • Do positive thinking or affirmations help relieve  stress worry or anxiety?
  • Are meditation or mindfulness effective?

The REIN method for dissolving anxiety

  • How is the REIN method different from other treatments for anxiety?
  • Do you have  example of REIN dissolving anxiety about elevators, snakes and airplanes ?
  • Do you have an example of REIN eliminates anxiety regarding indecision?
  • Do you have example of REIN extinguishing anxiety regarding fearing water ?
  • Do you have an example of REIN erasing anxiety regarding speaking & pitching?