In this book, you will learn the  2 powerful, mind-blowing methods (REIN and a Shortcut)  that cut directly to the heart of the problem. These methods discharge your disruptive, negative energy-field complex, demolishing the barrier to bring you back into balance and equilibrium. These two methods, explicitly described within this book, allow you to wipe out your worry  and anxiety with such great ease, it will feel almost magical. You will know what being worry free feels like. And the good news is, you are going to do this by yourself—and swiftly. You can and will be inspired by the thousands who have successfully used these methods. In Erasing Worry Rapidly you can read about the many varied long-standing worries, of people like you and me, that have been erased quickly as told in theirmini-miracle stories.

Released  and becoming a N0. 1 Best Seller in August of 2017, Erasing Worry Rapidly gets to the point of what is blocking you from getting what you want. It is a wall. There is a wall of worry and anxiety blocking you from getting what you want in life. You are going to need to dismantle that wall. How? Drugs don’t work, and talk is seldom ever enough.Talking, thinking, and analyzing may ease or dial down your worry or anxiety. And this is good. But, they will never eradicate your worry, whether you try it yourself or enlist the help of others. Millions have come to learn this but only after investing hundreds of hours trying to do so with a best friend, with clergy, or with trained, dedicated, and well intention-ed therapists of many different flavors. It’s even more absurd and crazy to imagine you can eliminate your worry or anxiety with alcohol, drugs, or prescription meds. Billions, around the globe, try this without success every day. There is a new innovative way.
This wall is generated and is maintained by your disturbed energy-field complex. You are going to quickly learn how to disable the disrupted negative-energy field that has been keeping you bound in worry—worry that may have been there for years! You are going to eliminate  that wall by yourself.

Erasing Worry Rapidly is laid out  clearly  leading you in  a countdown manner for easy understanding,

  • What are the 7 Myths and Lies about  stress, worry and anxiety?
  • What are the  6 Areas of your Life destroyed by worry and stress?
  • What are the 5 Obstacles that stand in your way of eliminating stree and anxiety?
  • What are 4 untold truths that you need to know?

and  it ends with you learning both the REIN method and the Shortcut REIN,now called Dr. Johnny’s 1-Minute Anxiety Hack . The Anxiety is for immediate (albeit temporary)  help in an  impending situational state of  anxiety. It reduces the worry sufficiently for you to respond resourcefully, not re-actively.

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