Therapists’ couches are littered with the remnants of clients suffering with worry and anxiety (and fear stress) and other life-sapping emotional issues… even after months or years of “talk” sessions. Television bombards us daily with ads for mood altering drugs with the Big Pharma racking up annual revenues of $70 billion, according to the New York Times.

Talk is seldom enough and drugs are not curative. However, new approaches have now evolved within the field of Energy Psychology rapidly transforming people’s lives. Dr. Kenley has created a revolutionary & unparalleled process, called REIN, for “discharging” worry and anxiety swiftly and permanently. REIN is having phenomenal results globally.

Keynote address related to the above areas have been given in 3 continents and include-

  • 1-Minute Anxiety Hack
  • The Path to Emotional Freedom
  • REIN – Resolving Emotional Issues Now
  • Slay your Success Saboteurs

To learn more about eliminating Your Anxiety regarding Yourself, Your Relationships, Your Finances and Your Achieving Success and how you can rapidly move yourselves towards-

  • Lightness and Ease
  • Unchallenged Clarity
  • Calm Laser Focus
  • Being Happy and Content
  • Effortless Creativity