“I truly had everything. I had it made. I was cycling on a smooth highway on a perfect sunlit spring afternoon. BOOM ! I awoke three days later in a hospital and punched a nurse who was adjusting my bed. What the hell happened? So, where am I ? What…a Brain Injury? Is this real? Am I dreaming? Question upon question. But rapidly, a thick heavy black curtain of uncertainty fell upon me and not only closed the previous “perfect” chapter of my life but encased me with the crushing disability of anxiety. I KNOW what you’re FEELING.The next 4 years with continuous different therapies and 20 OR MORE mind altering drugs just found me exactly in the same place as when I began …under the TYRANNY of ANXIETY. Either commit suicide or get off the meds and find a way … by myself. Then a voice whispered (and persistently) that I needed to create my own method to abolish the anxiety…and for keeps.”

    ~ Dr Johnny Kenley ~


1. Some or all relationships seem challenging for you. They are fleeting, unstable or flash points in your life. With all your friends and colleagues all relationships seem transactional…trying to use and avoid being use is the modus operendi. Regarding your  family,  you’re never on the same page as your siblings or even more of a deal-breaker is that there is  little if any communication with you mom or dad… or even worse between you and your kids. That bond has been broken and all interactions are anxious  or stressful. More importantly, there is nothing but worry and anxiety between you and a  significant other. With all relationships floundering, its difficult to think of your life as successful.

2. Getting, growing or keeping money are struggles and a time-consuming frustration in your life. You feel underpaid for your contribution and efforts. You’re maxed out on credit cards . You make a lot and spend even more. You have nothing in an IRA and you are 37 years old. You haven’t a clue as to what you need to satisfy your definition of monetary success other than  an irrational response of “a few million bucks”… which would probably disappear given that much feel into your lap. You read  a dozen or so books and spent a “few thou” (on you credit card)  to take  a Dave Ramsey course or a Tony Robbins Wealth seminar…yet here you are…anxious.

3. While you’re aware of what the world considers success… since you learned that reading/listening to  all those 100’s of success books and DVD’s. But down deep you struggle and  are unsure how you can authentically define for yourself.  You’ve done a lot, got educated or  credentialed  and have some trappings of achieving . But then…who really defined it for you?  Yup, you are climbing the ladder, but not so quickly and sometimes ,  in your gut ,you think you might be on the wrong ladder. Ok waht to do? More books, DVD courses, seminars from gurus, or private coaching- yes, do more of this, right? Then why the anxiety?

4. It is awkward, if not impossible for you to speak up, speak out and speak your mind. You are not alone here as there is a gaggle of people that share this  inability with you. And with this enormous anxiety, the path traveled to counseling , talking, analysis, and self medicating, legally and otherwise is well traveled. How much success can one have in many other areas, yet be so crushed with anxiety that one cant even speak their mind…given that they even know their mind. Sure, you got some cheddar and a cute spouse, yet you can’t assert yourself. More books, counseling, therapy  meditation? Oh you’ve done that…and here you are .

5. You don’t feel secure in your life. Fear seems to inhabit you regularly. Every day, something , in some way ( big or small ) freezes you in your tracks to take any action. You are always “going to” Procrastination is your safety net from failing. Nothing tried-nothing lost and you are successful if you have never failed , right?

6. You live continually with a multitude of aches and pains that come and go. You don’t feel flexible, strong or at ease in your own body. EVERYONE feels this way,  right?  And in some ways you may be correct, but you, yourself,  have a few hundred excuses as to why you are this way. Overworked, genetics, stress of work, family or  finances…or you are getting older. Aches, soreness and tension are just a natural  part of living you are assured. But on the ohter hand you will try some exercise, mediation, yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates to mitigate this  as you have been dutifully told  by experts , celebrities or gurus, in popular  books or on TV. Intuitively you know, that regardless of any outward appearance of success by  cultural standards, you are not a success if you are a wound up  aching knot with a myriad of physical symptoms.

If some or all of these resonate with you, then the common thread weaving through here is that Anxiety and Worry comprise the ever- present 200lb gorilla on your back.  Yes Anxiety, and if you are the person that  knows this and acknowledges it , then I am sure that you’ve been directly trying to do something for a long, long time-and unsuccessfully. Anxiety runs your life and its almost impossible  to accomplish  with that weight on you.

However, on the other hand you may be the person  where many aspects (Relationships, Finances, Success Track) of your life  appear OK  but they are just  strained.  You as  an achiever  probably don’t call it Anxiety, but rather Stress. From the outside one might see you accomplishing, but yet you know and feel the massive stress 24-7.

I have been in your shoes, and I can assuredly tell you…it’s not stress, it’s ANXIETY. So…


Let me ask you … do  you think that more self-help books, more motivational seminars, more inspirational videos, more consultations with more or new gurus, more methods, more knowledge or more time will resolve this? If so, you have been misled. My sense is that you have already done mostly , if not all of the above, and yet there remains that 200 lbs(of Anxiety) on your back  dragging you down  with  every step in  achieving what you want.

I ask you, why haven’t you accomplished all that you want regarding relationships, finances, accomplishments and empowerment?


Here’s the reason:  It’s anxiety. You know in truth, there are many reasons. One key reason is that you have been duped into accepting a lotta “crappy” thinking, misconceptions, myths and lies about anxiety, worry and stress. Pretty much everything about these is wrong-headed…like it’s natural, you got to live with it, everybody’s got it, you can only hope to  cope with it but, really  you can think, analyze and talk your way into easing it  somewhat …but again you can’t do  anything about it alone, so you need help from professionals. Even worse is that you are bombarded from every direction with erroneous info  that drugs can eliminate anxiety or stress. Go figure!

Other thoughts accomplishments mare blindly accepted

  • One thought is that you need only religious, spiritual or an attitudinal shift to attain what you want. And of course, they, the priest, the yogis, the enlightened… they will guide you there—so accept, learn, follow.
  • Then there are reasons related to our thinking (since  we worship our mind).  This reasoning is  that you only need  to have the correct ideas, methods, materials (found in books or tapes),self-talk, visualizations, incantations,  plans, strategies, guidance, counseling, training, coaching, or that special master, the guru,  and you will achieve what you want.

Ok ,it is not that any of this is bad—and any or all could be incredibly beneficial to you, BUT if you are laden with stress, charged with anxiety or encumbered with worry, you will not get want you want and  deserve regarding relationships, finances, success  empowerment or even health and security despite acquiring any or all of the above.

And if by chance, or with  extreme effort, you  do achieve in any aspect of your life , it will be fleeting, there will be no joy or ease,  and you more than likely have been miserable on the path to getting that…with a plethora of  associated addictions, be it food, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, street drugs or obsessive compulsions. So,



The straightforward critical question in your mind, as was with all my patients and clients is—

“ Is there really any way  for me to eliminate my anxiety for keeps ?

The answer is… YES, there is a way for you   to abolish your anxiety for keeps. Not only that but

  • You will be able to do this by yourself
  • It will not take very long to actually do it
  • And it is enduring.


The solution is the  the REIN method.

You remember, in 2001, while cycling, I was run over by a truck.  I had a severe traumatic brain injury affecting my speech, short term memory and rage control. I lost everything, most importantly my Mensa-mind,that which I had let define me my entire life. After 4 or so  years of therapies of every ilk, together with 20 or more different medications, I was exactly at the same point that as I was when I stared!  Debilitating anxiety-(10,000 on a scale of 1-10). So I know where you are at .

With acute awareness of this,  a voice kept “whispering” to me, not to give in, not to kill myself and to get off all drugs. I  then became driven and compelled to find a method for  me and hopefully then anyone to be able to help themselves…a quick DIY approach, without drugs or unending talk…since they did not work at all.  I created a method, refined & tested it and refined it more. The basis of this method was derived from in all the diverse areas of my training, education and practices— in Medicine, Physical Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Energy Psychology to name a few.

Just to let you know, it still took me over 7 years of tireless effort of trials (and failures) working with about 4,000 patients to get it perfected.  Now, I want to share with you the results of my work today. It’s called the REIN method.

I have used REIN to successfully treat more than 4,000 people primarily in Africa (Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda) where I worked for many years. I taught it to them so they could do it for themselves.  I have also taught 1,000’s more in workshops in India, Russia, China and in the Baltic States.

As you know, I have published 2 books about my rapid, non-drug DIY REIN method. The first book is FREEDOM from ANXIETY and latest book is ERASING WORRY RAPIDLY, an Amazon No. 1 best seller. There certainly is a lot of valuable information within them with detailed biographic data as well. Other information is available  anxietysolutionsnow.com

 REIN (Resolving Emotional Issues Now) is the DIY method that you can easily learn. It is DIY—you don’t need anyone else. There is nothing else like this.

And REIN is an easy process to actually perform.  It requires no tools, no drugs and very little talking.  I have done REIN on live TV in 4 countries with random participants from the TV crew or audience and had them each erase their own anxieties in real time!

I have trained 10-year olds to do REIN, who did not even speak English!! You simply need to learn it step-by-step and be methodical.  Once you understand the steps and practice them, you can do the process in under 10 minutes. But there is not the need to get done quickly. No rush and you don’t get any medals for doing it faster than anyone else. The point here is that it’s a fast method, not taking hours or days. The goal is for you to dissolve your anxiety for keeps.

What Anxiety issue might you have about your appearance that could be holding you back?


…Jane, a head/neck burn victim of 15 years with unimaginable dread surrounding he “ugly” appearance found her dream soulmate days after using REIN to extinguish her Anxiety.


…Peter lost an inherited million-dollar fortune with drugs gambling and stupidity. His anxiety was that he was unworthy of success or wealth before  his loss… and certainly afterwards. He learned REIN in a live workshop setting, overcame that Anxiety only to create his own successful business (he started it with nothing) and then 24 months later it was named the No. 1 new business in Moscow.


Your Anxiety/Worry is the hurdle, your fundamental stumbling block, that you must eliminate to have a chance to accomplish your desires regarding relationships, finances, success or empowerment. Anxiety prevents you from getting where you want to be and having fun on the path. REIN is your way past.





You’re going to learn my REIN method in a dynamic Video Experience called SQUASHING YOUR ANXIETY


This is my signature course, an on-line video experience, and it is built and organized into 6 modules. Within each module are bite-sized mentally digestible segments for ease in understanding.


All of the course content is derived from my 3-day international workshops in addition from both of my books (Freedom from Anxiety & Erasing Worry Rapidly) and my 25+ years of clinical experience. Each Module will generate profound “aha” moments from youUltimately, it will be an OMG moment for you, when you feel how you can erase your anxiety by yourself


**Please note that there is no need or request for you to stop any therapy or medication to learn and use this method. Continue to do what you are doing while learning and then using the method. **

Hi, I am
DR. JOHNNY KENLEY. I am a physician and Energy Psychologist. I have created and developed a radical innovative DIY method for you to discharge your anxiety and erase your worry rapidly. This course, this video experience is designed for one purpose only—your immediate success of using the DIY REIN method to eliminate your anxiety for keeps. The modular arrangement provides  “bite-sized” learning with the intention of giving you of some foundational awareness and the utmost of details in applying REIN straight away. Here is what you can expect within each Module…



Accepted protracted myths permeate your being and you don’t even know it. You are blind and deaf to them because they’ve been installed into your immediate family and friends, not to mention your entire culture. Until and unless you are at least aware of these , it will be an impediment to eliminating any of your anxiety.


Anxiety is not abstract. It is real, potent and omnipresent. Just a little anxiety can have a profound effect on the critical aspects of your life, like relationship, finances, and success. Eve a moderate of anxiety can completely erode your foundational aspects like empowerment, security, and health.


Yes, myths and lies are obstacles. But, there are more and potent ones. These become a real challenge because they originate deep within you and rarely come to your own awareness. They are in your silent self- talk and hardly arise. You need to be aware of them and only acknowledge them.


The first two truths you will easily grasp, and maybe say, of course I know that, but you’ve probably never thought about them so directly. The last two truths are innovative 21st century learning that will excite your imagination. And you know, you don’t even need to accept them as your truths, just merely acknowledge.


Aith this method, you are going to be doing small process and you gotta get ready. This is a fast, direct and energizing means to equip you to successfully perform the DIY REIN method.


This is the step-by-step DIY method called REIN (Resolving Emotional Issues Now). This details the saying, doing, and anchoring essential core of the process. You get all the nitty gritty specifics in each step along with demonstrations—to insure your immediate, enduring success in discharging your anxiety for keeps

What Does This Custom Online Course Cost for You to Dissolve your Anxiety & Worry?


The answer is… not much compared what you are getting. And there is the cost of doing nothing—the cost of you remaining the unwilling partner with Anxiety and Worry is staggering.

I have taught my REIN method to 2,000 or more in workshops around the globe.The cost of my three-day workshops has been $1997. If you  attended you had  all the  additional costs of travel, lodging and food to attend a workshop, which would add $1000 or more. That would then be $2997


It’s not going to be  $2997. Let’s kill that. The special price is only ………  $697

AND, additionally, what I am going to do for you when you act now, is that I am going to add ALL of the following bonuses:


Bonus 1 :   The 1-Minute Anxiety Hack 

As you already know, this video course shows you the simple 60 second process where you temporarily reduce your situational Anxiety for any imminent circumstance. You have experienced using this awesome tool.  In using this you have decreased your Anxiety level, that might have been a 10, down to a manageable 4/5 where you resourcefully responded. You knew it was not for permanently erasing an Anxiety but just momentarily decreasing it for your benefit in response to an uncomfortable impending situation. Also, you received a 1-hour consult here and  the laminated card for reference on the 3 simple steps. (Sold separately is $297). If you have already purchased this A-Hack , you can gift this to a colleague, friend, or relative.

Bonus 2 :   My 2 booksFREEDOM from ANXIETY & ERASING WORRY RAPIDLY (Amazon N0 1 Best Seller)These are the hard copies and with your hands on these they will provide you with tangible reference at your fingertips & invaluable background. ($40)

Bonus 3 :    A Personal Consultation ( 1-hour private, one-on-one consult) via SKYPE or phone to assist you in any way that I can. (My normal rate is $500)

Bonus 4 :   6 Months of Direct E-mail Communication.You will get my private E-mail where you are free to once-weekly communicate your inquiry or request direction or additional information. ($497)

So, with adding your incredible bonuses totaling $1,334 and basic cost of $2997 that is a grand total of $4331…but at this moment, it’s not $4,331, but only  $697  …for a saving of $3,634

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Since thousands have learned this method, I am confident that you will as well. I know you are going to be overwhelmingly satisfied, with not only this newly acquired knowledge, but more importantly that you can eliminate your anxiety by yourself. So, My Guarantee is that if, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied, then you can get 100% of your money back. No restrictions, no fine print and no questions asked.

You have nothing to lose except your Anxiety & Worry.